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Sermon on the Mount Part 2

August 16, 2020 Speaker: Pastor James Bramblet Series: Sermon on the Mountain

Passage: Matthew 5:7–5:12

v.7 Blessed are the merciful..

Old Ethic - My needs are greater than your needs

New Ethic -  Show mercy and you will reap mercy

Summary - As we display the mercy of God to others through our own merciful actions, God's mercy will be evident in our lives

v.8 Blessed are the pure in heart..

Old Ethic - the outward appearance is more important than the inward heart.

New Ethic - A pure heart will experience the presence of God both in this life and in the next life.

Summary - the pure in heart (cleansing of sin and loyalty to God) will see God at work in their life.

v.9 Blessed are the peacemakers...

Old Ethic -  I must aggressively prove that I'm in the right.

New Ethic - Bring harmony to people's lives through exposure to the gospel.

Summary - God's peoople do the work of peacemaking through the profound work of Christ's gospel.

v. 10-12  Blessed are the persecuted for righteousness sake...

Old Ethic - If people don't like me, I must be doing something wrong.

New Ethic - Willing to stand for right even if it is unpopular and may cause personal harm.

Summary - Being persecuted is to be expected for one tha tis headed to the heavenly Kingdom.

New Ethic - W

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