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The Wide or Narrow Gate?

November 8, 2020 Speaker: Pastor James Bramblet Series: Sermon on the Mountain

Passage: Matthew 7:13–7:27

Jesus brings the Sermon on the Mount to a conclusion by confronting His listeners with a choice between two gates. One is wide and many are going through this gate as they find it comfortable and easy, another gate is narrow and many avoid it as it requires change and constant focus. Christ clarifies this choice by describing the pros and cons of each gate. Let’s look at these pros and cons by grouping them in the following three clarifying categories: Guidance, Bottom Line, and Durability.

1.       Description of the gates (13-14)

a.       Wide gate is a comfortable way to destruction

b.       Narrow gate is a difficult way to life

2.       What is the difference in these gates in the category of “Guidance”? (15-20)

a.       Wide gate has false prophets, rotten fruit, and a destination of fire.

b.       Narrow gate has honest leadership, and good fruit.

3.       What is the “bottom line” between these two gates? (21-23)

a.       Wide gate has a false sense of security, false works, and are rejected from entering heaven

b.       Narrow gate applies God’s Word to their everyday life.

4.       What is the difference in “durability” between these two gates? (24-27)

a.       Wide gate has no change of life and no foundation in times of trouble.

b.       Narrow gate has a change of life (proactive in integrating the principles and promises of God) and an unmovable foundation in times of trouble.

Which gate will you enter?

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