Piety or Politics

September 20, 2020 Speaker: Pastor James Bramblet Series: Sermon on the Mountain

Scripture: Matthew 6:1–6:18

Matthew 6:1-18

Piety or Politics

In Matthew 5, Jesus gives six illustrations of what righteousness looks like.  He did not mention prayer, or fasting, or even giving to the poor.  Instead, he listed six practical ways of loving that reflect a holy heart.  In the listeners mind, there was the question "What about all the good works of temple service, prayer, helping the poor, and fasting?"  In Matthew 6, Christ will address the place for outward disciplines of piety by warning about hypocritical motives and making practical corrections.

Passage          Action          Warning                Correction

vs.1-4            giving           "toot own horn"     privately


vs 5-6            prayer


vs. 7-15         prayer


vs. 16-18       fasting


Summary:  God is more concerned with the inward relationship than the outward recognition.

Take Away: What will I take away from studying God's Word today?


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