The Lord's Prayer of Trust

October 11, 2020 Speaker: Pastor James Bramblet Series: Sermon on the Mountain

Scripture: Matthew 6:9–6:15

The Lord’s Prayer of Trust

Matthew 6:9-15

A healthy relationship involves at least two key aspects, communication and trust. Growing in our relationship with God through prayer, also involves these key aspects. Today, let’s study the Lord’s Prayer and observe the importance of trust in our communication to God.

  1. 6 petitions
  2. The one giving the advice on how to pray is the one who receives the prayers.
  3. 9 The prayer starts with both informal trust and formal worship of God.
  4. 10 Trust in submitting our plans to the Lord’s plans
  5. 11 Trust God for the very substance of life
  6. 12 Trust God in our human relationships
  7. 13Trust God in our failures

Summary: Prayer is an act of communication and trust to a God that desires to talk with you.

Take Away: (What will I take away from studying God’s word today?) endeavor

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